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Friday, January 1, 2016

Introduction and Welcome!

I'm Jocelyn, and those who know me most likely know that I have a fondness for classic film.  Some would call it an obsession, and I wouldn't argue.  I spend a large part of my free time watching, reading about, or daydreaming about classic movies--their history, techniques, and the fascinating people who were responsible for their creation, both in front of and behind the camera.

I created this blog to be a part of the wonderful classic film community of bloggers out there, and to do something constructive with this little obsession of mine, and hopefully contribute something of interest to that community. I will be posting often to share my observations on films, stars, directors, etc. that are in my mind at the time. I hope what I write is entertaining or interesting enough for you to come back and check out future posts.   

So why am I obsessed with classic film?  Hard to know, but I explain it like this -There have been a lot of wonderful movies that I've attended in the decades of my life so far.  But then I discovered that there has been nearly a full century of movies made before I was old enough to go to the movies.  And some of those movies are really, really good!  And they have actors in them that I had not seen in my lifetime, who had full careers of using their extraordinary talents to entertain audiences of their day at least as much or as intensely as today's stars.  And there were skilled craftsman and artists behind the camera who did really cool things to tell their stories.  Plus they captured the unique culture, ambience of earlier times that I never experienced first hand. Once I started watching some of these films, I wanted to see more...and more...and more.  And here I am. Every time I see a new old film that enchants me, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. It's a very powerful drug!  

Additionally, there is a vibrant community of classic film fans (or Old Hollywood fans, or other similar names) on social media to connect with and learn from. Knowing there are other out there who share this passion makes it even that much more fun. And where I live there are many great cinemas that screen classic films often.

As you hopefully plan to come back regularly, I must issue a word of warning -- I am the type who will become obsessed with an actor, typically one after another in serial fashion, and will watch as many of his/her movies as I can find, and will read everything I can about that actor's life.  You will likely see those obsessions brought to life here with back to back to back posts on a similar theme.

So, again, welcome.  Please come back and check out future posts -- my next one will be highlights of my classic film obsessions of 2015.

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